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Project: T132700 #0137

This study covers the preservation techniques used for CCGT and CPP units that will be shutdown for short or extended periods, i.e. both the wet and dry storage methods. Information onlay-up practices and preservation techniques has been brought together from published andunpublished sources and critically analysed by ETD preservation experts and in addition asurvey of plant operator experience was carried out to examine the preservation procedures thathave been/ are being used by some of the participating utilities. Further to critically analysingand putting together above knowledgebase and experience, the experience of ETD’s ownexperts in power plant chemistry, corrosion and operation/ maintenance of mechanical plantand electrical equipment played a crucial role in formulating these guidelines.

To make it easier for the power plant engineers and management to implement theseGuidelines a Summary Table and a set of Diagrams/ Flow Charts have been produced.Furthermore, a set of fifteen Appendices has been provided to help the user in implementingvarious procedures described in the Guidelines.