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Project: T132700 #0138

Power plant asset management is a very broad subject encompassing many seemingly unrelated topics. One important component of any asset management plan is the programed application of the various condition assessment technologies available to the asset manager. Whether on the micro or macro level, the proper management of a power generation asset begins with a condition assessment of the component, equipment, or unit in question. The various technologies or “tools” available provide a means of diagnosing plant equipment condition and are essential for decision making regarding the operation, repair, or replacement of power plant equipment.

The objective of this primer is to provide generation asset managers with a basic understanding of the various power plant equipment condition assessments tools, technologies, and programs available, recommendations on their use, where and when they should be deployed, and how they factor into the repair vs. replace decision and the issue of remaining life. The importance of assessing the condition of equipment on a continuous and periodic basis as part of an overall formal predictive maintenance program is also discussed.

Keywords: Predictive Maintenance, Asset Management, Remaining Life, NDT