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Project: T142700 #0139

The use of combustion turbines for power generation has increased markedly over the past 20 years or so. Simple cycle CTs are increasingly being introduced to provide flexible and almost immediate response to power system demands. These are usually aero engine derivatives. However the biggest increase has been the growth in CTs associated with combined cycle plants. These units are usually much larger than the simple cycle CTs, and nowadays can be much larger than 100MW in output. Along with this market growth, major technical advances have been made in the design of CTs in order to increase their size, efficiency and reliability. Several studies have shown that CTs are the largest single component contributor to combined cycle unit unavailability and reliability. It is therefore important to understand the issues that affect CT performance and the ways to address them in order to achieve better performance.

This report aims to identify issues with the operation of simple cycle and combined cycle combustion turbines, including some of the cost aspects, and provide information on ways to address reliability and performance problems.


Combustion Turbine, Reliability, Performance, CT Operation & Maintenance, Aeroderivatives, Large Frame CT, Asset Management, O&M cost