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Project: T182700 #0147

The steam turbine (ST) provides many advantages over other prime movers for powering electricity generators. This is a comprehensive review report that covers both STs and various auxiliary equipment. Topics such as the role of STs in generating electricity, types of steam turbines, the development of various designs, and the role of materials over the years have been detailed. Issues and equipment such as applicable standards, blade materials and nozzle design, rotor shafts and couplings, casings, gland seals, bearings and supports, lubrication, steam wetness, governor and control gears, turbine (barring) gears, condenser and bursting discs, drains, control and instrumentation systems, lifting equipment, and control fire protection are discussed. In terms of operation, topics such as start-up, steam parameters, control of the operation rate, vibration control, and flexible operation have been discussed in detail. Various damage mechanisms and maintenance philosophies, including risk-based maintenance of STs and auxiliary equipment, are discussed. The section on thermodynamic efficiency gives both theoretical and practical details. The last section is an overview troubleshooting chapter. It discusses problems faced by individual components, their causes, actions required, risk associated with these problems, and how urgently they need to be resolved.


Steam turbine, auxiliary equipment, best practice guidelines, operation, damage mechanism, maintenance, thermodynamic efficiency.