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Project: T182700 #0148

This guideline starts with background knowledge such as materials and design issues, including the topic of newer materials now in use in advanced, high efficiency power plants, their fabrication and performance, damage mechanisms, Fitness-for-Service, safe remaining life and the remedial actions that may need to be taken both as short and long term measures. Damage to and failure of components can occur long before the end of their design life due to these factors. It is important for plant operators to properly understand these issues, to fully comprehend the behaviour of a component and plan appropriate remedial actions to ensure not just immediate, but also long-term safe operation.

These guidelines also cover component preservation during shut down, component storage management and planning (during plant manufacture and later, as spare parts), inspection and monitoring during plant operation and shut down and various available repair options. The last chapter covers a component management program for each of the critical components/systems which may be used by the reader as a guide for particular components that they may be dealing with at any particular time. More details of these issues are provided in the form of a number of Appendixes at the end of the report.


Pressure parts, guidelines, damage mechanism, inspection, maintenance, integrity assessment, weld repair, codes and standards.