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Project: T122700 #0227

This Guide is intended to help hydroelectric plant operatorsrecognize, understand, and respond to potential dam safety hazards.Recognizing that no two hydroelectric projects are exactly alike and that the most effective dam safetysurveillance practices are those that are tailored to a specific site, this document has been designed so thatreaders can focus on content that is directly relevant to the types of structures they encounter and for which theyare responsible.

This Guide is intended to serve as:

1. The Participant’s Manual for the associated “Dam Safety: Training for Hydroelectric Plant Operators”;

2. A primer on dams and associated structures and concepts that will help deepen your understanding ofhazards and failure modes as discussed in later sections and in the training materials;

3. A reference for surveillance monitoring and emergency preparedness and response activities athydroelectric dams

4. A resource for understanding and recognizing the individual structures that are found at a particular site.