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Project: T152700 #0237

The Dam Safety Essentials Guidance and Training for Engineers project (Project) provides dam Owners with a framework and materials for delivery of dam safety training to engineering and technical personnel. The Project builds on but is independent of the Dam Safety Inspection Procedures, Guidance and Training for Plant Operators training materials (CEATI Project No. T112700-0227), which provide a broad introduction to dams, failure modes, and dam surveillance and monitoring. The Project was conceived to address the needs of entry-level engineers, or engineers new to hydropower or dams, with dam safety responsibilities, who require a more in-depth understanding of “dam safety essentials.”

The two main deliverables developed for the Project were the Guidance Document and the Training Materials. The Guidance Document serves as a stand-alone resource for dam safety engineers and Owners, and provides an introduction to foundational dam safety topics. The Training Materials include two eLearning modules as well as materials that may be used as-is or customized by an Owner to support delivery of a one-day, facilitator-led workshop focused on common potential failure modes, surveillance and monitoring, and incident response.