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Project: T172700 #0240

As part of the 2018 DSIG Small Project Fund, a seminar on New Developments in Operational Safety of Dams and Reservoirs took place on May 7-8, 2018 in Arlington, VA. The presentations have all been posted here, along with the agenda, the pre-meeting letter to attendees, and a post-meeting Annex on System Modelling and Simulation Example. 


Webinar Recordings:

For those of you who were unable to attend in person, the workshop was recorded. Please navigate to the following pages to see the recordings of each day:

Monday May 7: 

Tuesday May 8: 


Recommended Audience:

  • People who are responsible for the safety assessments of dams and reservoirs.
  •  Engineering manager responsible for dam safety assessment
  •  Staff reporting to the engineering manager
  •  Dam safety project engineers, and related specialties
  •  Structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers responsible for dam systems
  •  Hydropower engineer