Project: T182700 #0243

There is a need for common terminology when communication is necessary among dam owners/operators and the emergency response agencies they will be working with, especially from the Dam owner’s perspective. This document will describe the Incident Command System (ICS) so that the dam owner will have a good understanding of what to expect when an emergency response is required. Common abbreviations and terminology will be provided. Critical roles during an emergency and who is generally responsible for these roles will also be discussed. Formal ICS certification is available, but it is time, and resource, intensive and is generally not attractive to those immediately outside the emergency response arena.

The main objective of this project is to develop guidance to dam owners/operators on the ICS system commonly in use in North America, and how best to operate within its structure during an emergency. Coverage of response systems beyond those used in North America could be added at a later time depending upon interest from CEATI membership.