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Project: T182700 #0243

This document introduces dam owners to the Incident Command System (ICS), which they may find themselves working in during an emergency. Understanding the reasoning and function of ICS will increase a dam owner’s efficiency and effectiveness when working with emergency responders. This document focuses on the ICS developed in the United States (commonly in use in North America). There is a need for common terminology when communication between dam owners/operators and the emergency response agencies is necessary, especially from the Dam owner’s perspective. This document describes ICS so that the dam owner will understand what to expect when an emergency response is required. Common abbreviations and terminology, as well as critical roles during an emergency and who is generally responsible for these roles, is presented.

The Emergency Field Operations Guide template is intended for use by dam owner’s representatives assisting Incident Command (IC) or Unified Command (UC) during a dam emergency incident. The Field Guide is designed to familiarize dam owner’s representatives with the ICS system in general terms while assisting with the emergency response as a reminder of where they fit into the command system.


ICS, Incident Command, Common Terminology, National Incident Management System (NIMS), Dam Emergency.