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Project: T192700 #0246

The question regarding how state assessments of cracked concrete structures should be performed has since long been very interesting for the Dam Safety R&D program at Energiforsk. This report builds upon the project “Investigating the structural safety of cracked concrete dams” which was conducted by CEATI’s Dam Safety Interest Group (DSIG) in 2015, a project that the program proposed and supported.

This study aims to develop a Swedish guideline for assessing status as well as current and future security levels on a cracked concrete dam but can also function as a knowledge base for the area and contains several reference projects where the cause and effect of cracks have been studied. It is a comprehensive study conducted as a collaboration between SWECO and ÅF. Carl-Oscar Nilsson (Uniper), Mats Persson (Vattenfall) and Anders Sjödin (Statkraft) have participated in the reference group that followed the project.

The report was translated to English in 2019.

These are the results and conclusions of a project, which is part of the Dam Safety R&D program run by Energiforsk. The authors are responsible for the content.