Project: T192700 #0247

An extensive investigation into ice loads on dams has been carried out over the past 27 years. An ice load model (the CEATI Ice Load Model) was produced based on the first 20 years of the work. An outline proposal (Comfort, 2017) was submitted by G. Comfort Ice Engineering Ltd. to update the CEATI Ice Load Model using new data collected over the past 7 years.

For simplicity, this proposal is structured into three projects  (listed below). To address the main concerns of the reviewers, the objectives of the proposed work are to:

1. Investigate extreme ice loads – this will include:

  • Assessing realistic extreme ice loads
  • Can physical limits provide a practical limit to ice loads?
  • Ice load non-uniformities along the dam face, in the context of extreme loads
  • Ice loads on small dams, in the context of extreme loads

2. Investigate ice loads on piers, spillways, gates and stoplogs

3. Investigate ice impact loads