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Project: T202700 #0249

The fundamental objective of this audit report is to identify dam safety program improvements based on a review of industry best practices, completion of the DSMM audit, review of representative SCL policies, procedures and reports, culture, decision making, prioritization, and succession planning. In addition, SCL asked the Audit Panel to focus on the following audit objectives:

  • To assess whether SCL’s Dam Safety Program and staff are aligned effectively to engage their executive leadership in timely discussions (reporting structure).
  • The audit team should also assess what cultural changes may be recommended to more effectively respond to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) / Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) needs, to ensure continued safe and reliable operations. The assessment should consider the human factor of how SCL handles change and whether there need to be critical shifts in behavior to improve informal and formal relationships.
  • SCL would also like to know what other owners are doing to measure and monitor tangible evidence of improvement. This speaks to the audit providing value and SCL promoting a commitment to periodically assess its strategy and culture – the two must align closely to consistently improve the DSP.