Project: T202700 #0250

A field based development and demonstration program for enhancing surveillance and monitoring techniquesfor concrete dams is proposed. The program includes field testing at three different project sites in which Flow-Induced Monitoring (FIM) and Performance Based Testing (PBT) techniques are employed. For each project,the use of measured behavior to determine fundamental characteristics of the dam, to identify key indicators ofperformance, and to validate numerical models of the dam will be demonstrated. Benefits to the dam ownerinclude the ability to describe existing conditions in terms of actual site characteristics and indicators that canbe integrated into existing surveillance and monitoring programs. These enhancements will improve theowner’s ability to monitor, track, and detect existing and changing conditions in their projects. An additionalbenefit stems from the ability to develop predictions of dam response under a range of operating conditions,including seismic, that can be used to evaluate and validate numerical models of the dam. Deliverables includetest procedures, measured responses, and detailed reports that describe the analysis and interpretation of themeasured behavior. Recommendations for enhancing monitoring at each site will also be delivered along withrequirements and specifications for instrumentation and evaluation procedures that can be integrated intoexisting surveillance and monitoring programs.