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Project: T202700 #0251

Dam’s Safety Intelligence prepared and facilitated the CEATI Dam Safety Interest Group’s Dam Safety Maturity Matrices (DSMM) Benchmarking Workshop in October 2020. This short report documents the workshop outcomes and appends the breakout group worksheets and notes.

An important input to the workshop was a benchmarking database of DSIG members’ DSMM evaluation results. The database included 11 dam owners’ DSMM evaluations using the Version 2 DSMM (“the matrices”). The matrices were developed in 2018 for dam owners to assess the effectiveness of their dam safety program against industry practice.

The primary benefit of the benchmarking database is that it allows users to compare their DSMM results in the context of others and examine some initial recurring themes around strengths and areas for improvement. Further results will be added with time to grow the value of the database and insights gained.

The primary benefit of the benchmarking workshop is that it assisted with identifying projects and other initiatives that utilities can consider to improve their dam safety program maturity.


Dam safety program, maturity matrix, matrices, dam safety risk management, effectiveness, governance, program improvement, dam safety benchmarking, dam safety improvement.