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Project: T192700 #03/101

Power system electrical (PSE) connections on the main power lines – from the generator to the transmission lines in hydro generating stations – are a critical component to the reliability of hydropower production. An experienced team of engineers, vendors, industry experts, and hydroelectric professionals was assembled in conjunction with an extensive literature search to develop a comprehensive maintenance and design guide for PSE connections. The primary objective of the project serves to provide the hydropower industry with a technical report that integrates the best available information and practices into a single source that can be used to understand the design and installation principles of PSE connections while providing guidance for maintenance and repair practices. The result is an easy-to-read guide complete with illustrations and tables, to help field personnel properly install and maintain PSE connections. The guide aims to provide information that may be used either in conjunction with or in the absence of vendor information for the installation and maintenance of PSE connections by plant personnel.

In addition to design, installation, and maintenance instructions, the report provides an overall view of a maintenance implementation plan for PSE connections. The goal of the report is to provide practical maintenance best practices in order to assist with focused condition assessment and preventative repair or replacement of PSE connections. The result is a guide that is useful as part of ongoing, continuous planned maintenance efforts to ensure long term reliability of hydro station generating plants.


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