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Project: T182700 #03/102A

This guide provides a basis for an owner’s quality assurance program for the supply and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment for hydroelectric plants. It does not include quality assurance for civil works.

Part A describes the need for a quality program from the owner’s perspective. Changes in manufacturing and organizations over the years are discussed, as well as how this impacts the ultimate quality realized by the customer. The reasons an owner would want to bear the cost for a quality program are discussed and guidance provided for how to build a business case. People are key to an effective quality assurance program. Consequently, necessary personnel, their applicable skills and how they get their training and experience are described. With people comes the need to organize and implement a quality program.

A quality assurance program involves both supply and installation contractors. Standards for a quality program and quality standards are described. Requirements needed for contracts and technical specifications are described and, in many cases, example requirements provided.

Part B expands on the principles and practices described in Part A with specific guidance for each of the major pieces of electrical and mechanical equipment for a hydroelectric plant, including the turbine-generating unit, governor and excitation control systems, power train equipment, and gates and cranes. Specific best practices requirements for inspections and tests are described, along with applicable standards.

In 2021, an addendum was added to the report in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, this addendum covers the topic of virtual inspection, including preparation, goals, and specification and contract requirements.


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