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Project: T192700 #03/102B

This guide provides a basis for an owner’s quality assurance program for the supply and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment for hydroelectric plants. It does not include quality information for civil works.

Part A described the need for and basics of a quality program for equipment supply and installation for a typical hydroelectric project. It outlines the processes and systems needed for a quality assurance program. A quality assurance program involves both supply and installation contractors. Standards for a quality program and quality standards are described. Requirements needed for contracts and technical specifications are described and, in many cases, example requirements provided.

Part B expands on the principles and practices described in Part A, with specific guidance for each of the major pieces of electrical and mechanical equipment for a hydro-electric plant, including the turbine-generating unit, governor and excitation control systems, power train equipment, gates, and cranes. Specific best practice requirements for inspections and tests are described, along with applicable standards.


Quality Assurance, QA, Quality Control, QC, Quality, Manufacture, Testing, Inspections