Project: T182700 #03/103


The goal of this project is to produce a standard set (test plan) of tests for evaluation of candidate products and a list of market environmentally acceptable (EA) oils which could be used by various CEATI utilities to evaluate the suitabilityfor use in hydro power plants in various applications. No data will be provided in this project.

The primary objectives from Kinectrics will be:

• To act as an independent laboratory to assess on the current types of EA oils available that could be used in various applications where heavy duty non-combustion mineral oils would typically be used by the hydro industry.

• To data-mine all partnering HPLIG utility companies to determine the major types of mineral oils currently in use, to document the current and perceived issues experienced with equipment lubrication performance.

• To establish a test plan that will be used to establish EA oil acceptabilityfor various applications and generate a guideline report card and weighing system for acceptance.