Project: T202700 #03/106

Hydro generating stations today are very individual and unique undertakings. They differ in terms of size, age, type, number of units, and in terms of many important operating parameters. These inherent differences, as well as an owner’s economic criteria, engineering preferences, and multiple vendor (OEM) recommendations, have led to numerous and differing machine condition monitoring and control systems being developed to help ensure safe and reliable unit and plant operations.

Today, the market for hydro-unit machine condition monitoring and control equipment has evolved into a confusing multitude of expensive computer-based monitoring, control, and testing equipment, many differing vendors, multiple equipment designers and value-added resellers, and numerous sales organizations – and the OEM’s, their consultants and resellers are all working very hard at selling their particular ‘solutions’.  Unfortunately, in many cases what gets bought may not be the best available (or even the right) equipment for a specific need.  What is needed is a “reference guide” for hydro industry professionals.