Project: T202700 #03/107

The hydro industry continues to work on reducing the use and potential release of contaminant non-degradable polluting oils and greases into the environment, particularly water streams.

Hydro plant owners, with the support of the OEMs and the research community, have been working to develop new and improved performance bushing and seal products to support this goal. This study will be an update of an earlier HPLIG Technology Review #T072700-0340 published in 2008, undertaken to assess the various OEM available greaseless bushings and seals, with the hope that improved products are now available.

The report will present an in-depth analysis of the current best practices and case studies of non-lubricated bushings and seals in use by the hydro industry. Included will be an analysis of available OEM products based on their design, ease of installation, material, operational characteristics, wear expectations, maintenance, & projected in-service life, with recommendations for their use.