Project: T212700 #03/111

The focus of this project will be to develop a generic technical specification guide in the format of checklists supported by brief explanatory explanation.

Objectives: To develop a basic, technically focused, hydro plant equipment specification, testing, and commissioning check list for those who are managing the upgrade and/or construction of hydropower plants. The guide should address the following objectives:

  • To identify and clarify those technical parameters typically included in specifications and their variance depending on factors such as unit size and intended operating conditions
  • To identify mechanical and electrical evaluation factors for varying unit sizes [S, M, L] such as turbine design methodology, cavitation limits, specific speed, and performance guarantees
  • To provide guidance on the merits of turbine model development & testing aspects such as efficiency, cavitation, sigma definition, homologous model testing, Moody step up parameters, model finish etc.