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Project: T112700 #0343B

The Brushgear Maintenance Guide provides a consistent set of definitions for terms commonly used in the design, operation and maintenance of slip ring and commutator type brush gear systems used on hydroelectric generator units.

The defined terms are intended to be used in conjunction with other sections of the Brushgear Maintenance Guide, which provide additional information, including key parameters, tolerances, testing and verification procedures for various types of hydroelectric turbine-generator units.

The Brushgear Maintenance Guide is original and published in 2013. Based mainly on a specific brush supplier and feedback received from experienced users, this guide is active in the hydroelectric industry. The format for this guide follows the “Hydroelectric Turbine - Generator Units Guide for Erection Tolerances and Shaft System Alignment”, CEATI report No. T052700-0329. Where possible, the same definitions are used for equivalent parameters. In addition, a great deal of the text from the Alignment Guide is retained in “Appendix A” of the Brushgear Maintenance Guide since the latter is expected to be a stand-alone document.Defined terms are consolidated into Appendix B. Paragraphs, tables and figures which could occasionally lead to confusion or misinterpretation are revised and information has been added to the text, based on the experience of the Brushgear Maintenance Guide reviewers.

Keywords: hydroelectric, generator, brush gear, design and maintenance, definitions, slip ring, commutator