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Project: T192700 #0354B

This report documents the results of an investigation into calculation concerns discovered within two spreadsheets of CEATI Report No. 0354 “Mechanical Overhaul Guide for Hydroelectric Turbine Generators.”

The primary objective of the investigation was to review calculation concerns discovered by users within two spreadsheets included in the appendixes of the Mechanical Overhaul Guide for Hydroelectric Turbine Generators. The investigator was also asked to make recommendations for changes to the spreadsheets, if appropriate.

Concerns and suggestions from spreadsheet users were reviewed and changes were developed, tested, and recommended. Review comments from were assessed and the spreadsheet changes were finalized.

A secondary objective was to review the text in two CEATI guides to verify its correctness and consistency for the aspects of turbine generator alignment addressed within the two spreadsheets. Inconsistencies were identified.


Hydroelectric, turbine, generator, mechanical, refurbishment, overhaul