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Project: T112700 #0379

In this report, results for the operation of hydro generators with bypassed stator coils are shown. Numerical calculations are performed in the commercial software (Infolytica MagNet) on the 2D FEM hydro generator models.

Based on the given generator technical documentation, 5 FEM models are designed. Numerical calculations on the following generators are conducted: Glen Canyon G6, Glen Canyon G2, Grand Coulee Left G4, Shipshaw G5 and Hydro Quebec (one generator unit). In the report, the following parameters are analyzed: line and phase voltages, phase currents, parallel branch currents and damping winding currents.

The following generator operating states are simulated: no-load and rated load with and without bypassed coils. Simulation of the no-load was necessary to determine the machine geometry and magnetic field. Normal operating state was simulated for the purpose of comparison with the faulty state (model with bypassed coils). It is important to note that it is necessary to simulate the whole machine, which requires more time for both model design and calculation. Simulations with bypassed coils were conducted for various rated loads and operating conditions so that comparison with the measured data would be possible.

First, a specific case with one bypassed parallel branch is shortly described. Then the modeling and design process of the FEM model is described and the results of the FEM simulations for each hydro generator are shown. In the following section, comparisons between actual measured data from the generators and calculated results are given. Finally, comments on the obtained results, as well as conclusions with some recommendations for the further work are given.

Keywords: Bypassed Coil, Hydro Generator, FEM Calculation, 2D Model, Parallel Branch