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Project: T142700 #0379B

This report is a comprehensive guide for owners of hydro-generators in cases of stator winding damage. It provides recommendations for temporary winding repairs in order to return generator back into operation. The guide includes methods to assess the consequences in the case of the bypassed damaged stator winding coils. It also provides recommendations on the exclusion of healthy parts of the stator winding in order to achieve symmetry in the machine that would be disrupted by the removal of damaged parts of the winding.

Analytical calculations were performed in order to verify the obtained hydro generator data. Via these calculations, all the parameters of the generator that are needed for FEM design and numerical calculations were determined. The report presents results obtained by FEM calculations for all hydro generator units with and without bypassed coils or branches.

A software application was developed based on these results. 


Bypassed stator coils, Hydro generator, Faults, Winding, Instructions, Coil repair, Software application