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Project: T122700 #0382

The adoption of environmentally acceptable (EA) lubricants requires both industrial and regulatory support. To obtain this support, EA lubricants must meet critical environmental and performance specifications. However, the standard specifications currently listed by lubricant formulators do not provide sufficient clarity that these environmental and performance requirements are being met. For this study, methods for identifying high quality environmentally acceptable (EA) lubricants were assessed. Focus has been placed on methods for accurately assessing critical environmental and performance criteria, including biodegradation, toxicity, low temperature gelling, oxidative stability, and lubrication testing. Additionally, compatibility issues, lubricant changeover considerations, and EA lubricant labeling and regulatory acceptance are addressed. A clear understanding of these criteria will allow high quality EA lubricants to be identified and selected for hydropower companies.

Keywords: Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluids, Environmentally Acceptable