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Project: T122700 #0385

Increased demand for electric power, accompanied by environmental and financial constraints for new construction, inevitably calls for the full utilization of existing power generation assets. In the present socio-economic climate, water power is generally viewed as one of the most optimal renewable resources; being highly efficient, flexible, reliable, durable, and cost effective. However, despite the extended equipment life of hydro plants, roughly every twenty five years there is a need for refurbishment.

This Hydro Turbine Generator Electrical Overhaul Guide, in conjunction with the previously published Mechanical Overhaul Guide for Hydroelectric Turbine Generators, is prepared with the intention to provide an action agenda for upcoming engineers, and the operations and maintenance personnel at all stages of condition based analysis and refurbishment. It proposes ways for the power plant owners to better support efforts in integrated planning over the longer-term horizon to achieve the equipment’s continued operation, and improve asset base maintenance outcomes.

These guidelines are a thorough overview of the gradually disappearing expertise in the electrical engineering portion of hydropower retrofitting, whose appreciation will allow for an informed implementation of new technologies.


Electric, Hydroelectric, Generators, Overhaul, Restack, Rewind