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Project: T162700 #0393

An experienced team of engineers and hydropower professionals was assembled to develop a comprehensive maintenance and repair guide for aging in-service penstocks with the primary objective of providing the hydropower industry with a document that integrates the best available information and practices into a single-point source. The guide aims to enhance understanding of penstock risks and potential failure modes (PFMs) while providing guidance for maintenance and repair practices. The end result is a document that can assist hydropower owners in making informed decisions regarding penstock maintenance and repair, yielding safer and more reliable operation of their penstock systems.

The basic approach of this study is to draw on the team’s experience and research to capture the essential competencies and best practices necessary to implement a penstock maintenance and repair program. Special attention is placed on existing industry best practices for penstock mitigation, risk-informed decision making, and the development of potential failure mode analyses to aide in asset management. The information is further enhanced and refined by the review and feedback from a specialized group of subject matter experts and the inclusion of a number of case histories covering various aspects of potential penstock repairs.


Hydroelectric, penstocks, maintenance, repair, risk, potential failure modes, asset management.