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Project: T172700 #0395

CEATI participants operate and maintain over 1,000 generating stations located throughout North America, Europe, and Oceania. The maintenance work conducted at these stations is widely recognized as an essential business process for achieving strategic goals of safety, reliability, and production in a cost-effective manner. However, too often, the attainment of these goals is not supported by effective maintenance planning and scheduling.

The purpose of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling guide is to provide comprehensive directions to achieve effective planning and scheduling based on expert experience. The guide is based upon many planning and scheduling references which were used to create and build upon the concept of an overall work management system which is essential for planning and scheduling to succeed. The work management system includes work identification through maintenance program development linked to asset management plans, planning of tasks and required resources, scheduling resources to address risk and obtain the desired resource utilization, execution and documentation of the work, and analysis. Industry information solicited from utility members is included for all sections of the guide. Generation specific concerns such as Dam Safety and Outage Planning are discussed. Development of the Planning and Scheduling function and selection of a CMMS are also included.

This guide is distinct from other references because it clarifies the linkage between asset management plans and maintenance programs, integrates planning and scheduling into an overall work management system, provides planning standards, addresses the use of risk to both determine the level of planning and drive the scheduling processes, and provides generation specific directions for planning and work management standards.


Planning, Scheduling, Maintenance Program, Work Management System, Asset Management