Project: T182700 #0398

Objectives and Scope

Project Objectives

 • Outline the requirements needed to check systems and equipment through a series of relevant tests, then assessing and documenting the results• Confirm equipment is operating as per their design specifications and performance requirements.• Providing a standard for the development and resourcing of a commissioning plan• An overview of all regulatory and environmental requirements needed for the safe and reliable installation of new auxiliary equipment

Scope of Study 

The scope of this guide will cover all auxiliary equipment not covered in the 2016 Commissioning Guidefor Hydroelectric Generating Stations Major Electrical and Mechanical Equipment [HPLIG Report #0386], such as: o Sluice gates, cranes and hoists o Powerhouse cranes o HVAC o Station DC power o AC station service o Compressed air system o Fire protection and security system o Penstocks and power canals o Power and Station Service transformers o Emergency/Black start diesels