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Project: T082700 #0412

This report presents a review of hydrometric gauging practices as documented in international standards and the procedural manuals of national gauging agencies and as carried out by hydroelectric utilities. The scope covers the measurement of water levels of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, of river flow and of temperature and precipitation. The agencies covered are mainly North American, but European agencies are also addressed.

The relevant standards documents of the ISO, WMO, ASTM and others are identified and reviewed along with the procedural manuals of the Surface Water Branch of the USGS, the Water Survey of Canada and other government hydrometric gauging operations. The range of procedures and equipment that are in use is presented for the core elements of hydrometric gauging from the reference datum to the discharge computation procedures for ice conditions. Various operational practices are presented and discussed.

Gaps in the documentation of gauging practices are identified and recommendations are made towards the development of best practices guides.

Keywords: Hydrometric, hydrometry, hydrology, gauging, gaging, measurement, standards, manuals, sensors, water level, discharge.