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Project: T082700 #0414

The objective of this Technology Review was to assess and understand the quality of observed hydrologic field data as well as flow information determined from turbine performance characteristics. The range of hydrologic data includes water level, stream flow, precipitation, snow accumulation and depletion, soil moisture, and evaporation. In addition, the quality of stream flow information determined from turbine power generation was investigated.

This study was designed to provide a comprehensive survey and review of key validation tools and methodologies for the assurance of hydrologic data. The goal was to assess the applicability and robustness of these tools, and provide recommendations on best practices for the standardized observing and processing of hydrological data, as well as recommendations on potential areas for investment to improve upon the available procedures and methods.

This report provides an outline of a quality management system for hydrologic observations and reporting in real-time to satisfy the operational and decision making requirements of the hydro power generation sector. The framework of the quality management system is based on the ISO 9001:2000 methodologies and the experience of national hydrometric observing programs who are implementing an ISO approach.

Keywords: Quality Assurance, Hydrologic Data, Quality Management Framework, Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2000, Hydrologic Data Accuracy, Environmental Monitoring