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Project: T082700 #0415

Water resources are the fuel for hydroelectric production, and the efficient and effective management of these resources is a fundamental part of the hydropower business. Significant time and effort has been expended by utilities to understand the science, gather and analyse data, and develop or run models to optimize the resource. This work is sometimes undertaken by larger utilities or contracted out to consultants, research institutions and universities. There are also a number of tools and products on the market to cover some of these services.

As accurate knowledge in this field has high value in terms of returns to the business, research into, and improvements to, the science continues. This research is particularly pertinent as climate changes appear to be having a direct impact on water resources. Since research can be both expensive and lengthy, it is extremely valuable to understand the state of the art and be aware of current research projects to avoid duplication of effort or to shorten lead times by providing support for established projects.

As an important step in developing their own initiatives, the Water Management Interest Group recognized the value of creating a centre of knowledge of academic and research-related information in a number of areas related hydroelectric production, including:

- Operational Modelling and Optimization

- Meteorology and Hydrology

- Data AcquisitionThis report is the record of the knowledge gained from contact with utilities, agencies, universities and research institutes worldwide about current and planned research work in those areas of interest.

Keywords:Climate change impacts; data acquisition; hydrology; hydropower; optimization; streamflow; stream forecasting; precipitation; water resources management; watershed hydrology.