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Project: T092700 #0416

This study comprised a survey of current utility practices in relation to the characterization of generating unit performance, as well as the development of an associated Best Practice.

The survey was sent to 39 hydro-generating utilities. The main information requested in these surveys included high-level system information, methods used by the utilities in defining the performance characteristics of their generating units, and how they make use of this information. In addition, the methods used to measure discharge during field tests were solicited. Of the 39 surveys that were issued, 14 utilities responded, together providing data for 202 power plants. This was considered to be a satisfactory sample size.

The Best Practices have been derived based on the results of the survey, combined with relevant experience held by the contractor, Hatch, developed through 40 years of extensive operations support.

In addition, an analysis has been conducted to determine the quantitative impacts on energy production of having inaccurate information on unit performance.

Keywords: Generating Unit Characteristics, hydropower, hydroelectric generation efficiency