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Project: T112700 #0421

Rain and snow measurements are usually performed using ground-based gauge networkobservations. However, for remote regions, gauge measurement is limited. In the past few decades,with the availability of improved measurement systems such as radar measurements, satelliteestimates, and numerical weather prediction output, precipitation observation for regions wheregauge network data is not sufficient has been largely improved.

Numerous data integration systems have been developed to combine the different data sources inthe United States, Canada and many other countries. The use of blended precipitation data forhydrological water management perspectives requires high quality spatial and temporal resolutiondata. Various methods are presented and reviewed in this study. Several among them are widely usedor appear to be very promising for future use. These methods are presented in detail in this report.

Keywords: Precipitation, Radar, Satellite, Rain gauge, Snow gauge, Remote sensing, Data processing, Datamerging.