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Project: T112700 #0422

Accounting for risk and uncertainty in operating hydropower projects during high inflow events is a challenging task. The development of an operational risk informed decision making framework (RIDMF) and an associated RIDMF software tool can help operations planners of these critical infrastructure facilities in making sound decisions that account for risk and uncertainty. Both owners and stakeholders require that operating decisions are made with the awareness and assessment of the risks associated with such decisions and are aligned with the risk policies and values of the organization and the stakeholders involved.

In this report we introduce general concepts, definitions and issues related to the use of Risk informed decision-making (RIDM) in hydropower system operations. These are structured processes which assist decision-makers when faced with high impact, complex decisions involving multiple objectives in the presence of uncertainty. The aim is to ensure that decisions between competing alternatives are taken with an awareness of the risks associated with each option, and that all attributes of a decision are considered in an integrated manner. Motivations for the use of these techniques, as a complement to more traditional deterministic approaches to risk assessment, are provided.

Herein, we outline a framework which supports the notion that organizations entrusted with operating hydropower systems should empower and equip their staff with a set of policies and the required decision making frameworks and tools to help them formally prepare and assess alternative operating plans that account for uncertainty and risk. This report outlines the process involved as well as the use of a software tool that has been developed to achieve this goal.


Risk Informed Decision-Making Framework, Flood Risk Assessment and Management, Hydropower System Operations, Regulation of Reservoirs in High Inflow Events, Operation of Hydropower systems.