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Project: T122700 #0423

Hydropower Operations and Planning Interest Group (HOPIG), composed of various utilities, commissioned a study to assess water management data dissemination and reporting approaches to promote the adoption of improved tools and best practices amongst their membership. HOPIG members have a vested interest in maximizing the effectiveness and quality of their water data delivery and reporting services since their own operational and corporate planning groups, as well as external stakeholders, have a significant need for such data within their respective water-related decision-making processes.

Therefore, the HOPIG member agencies are seeking to improve their awareness of how their respective organizations, as well as some outside agencies, deal with their data dissemination and reporting challenges. The expected outcome of this study is that best data dissemination tools and practices will be identified for the adoption by all HOPIG members and participating agencies.

Two online surveys were conducted as well as telephone interviews of a subset of the survey respondents. The surveys and telephone interviews focused on identifying data dissemination and reporting best practices and tools implemented by each participating organization. A major benefit resulting from this work is that HOPIG members and other participating agencies will now have easy access to organized information and guidance on how to improve their data and information-sharing procedures, including some basic planning principles.

Keywords: Water, management, hydropower, operations, utilities, data, dissemination, reporting, information, tools, techniques, methods, approaches, best practices, users, stakeholders, survey, telephone interview, respondents