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Project: T152700 #0427

Members of the Hydropower Operations and Planning Interest Group (HOPIG) aim to improve operational efficiency in the planning and management of hydroelectric generation and water resources through the sharing of information.

A Maturity Matrix (MM) is utilized as an illustrative communication tool and an effective means to document and compare the activities performed by an organization with the best known practices. In the past, a Maturity Matrix has been used to document Flood Management activities (Ontario Power Generation’s Flood Management Maturity Matrix (FMMM)) and the Outage Planning process (HOPIG’s Outage Planning Maturity Matrix (OPMM)).

The objective of the current Technical Review (TR) is to build a global MM for all of HOPIG’s strategic subjects and activities that compose the group’s Business Process (HOPBP). In building a Maturity Matrix, this TR provides the opportunity to produce an inventory of all activities accomplished in the field of Hydropower Operations and Planning.

In the first stage of the review, an initial draft of the Hydropower Operations and Planning Maturity Matrix (HOPMM) was prepared using various CEATI documentation (e.g., benchmarking, technical reviews, literature) and the experience of experts in hydropower operations and planning and maturity matrix development. The second stage consisted of implementing improvements proposed by peer review.

The HOPMM summarizes the existing practices and activities of various utilities.


Hydropower Operations and Planning, Maturity Matrix, Best Practices, Literature Review