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Project: T182700 #0431

This is the first phase of a multi-part project undertaken within HOPIG to produce training modules on a variety of topics of relevance and importance to the HOPIG members.

In this first phase, the project deliverables include a set of two PowerPoint-based training modules that can be used by HOPIG members to train employees and others. They are designed to: (1) be easily adaptable to enable training people with different levels of expertise; (2) be customized for use in different organizations; and (3) be easily adaptable for different training timelines.  

The first two modules and their content are described below:

Module 1 – General Features and Role of Hydropower Projects and Systems: this module describes the general features and types of hydropower projects and systems such as:

  1. Power system operations and the use of hydropower projects in meeting power demands in these various systems.
  2. Types of hydropower projects (run-of-river, storage, pumped storage, etc.)
  3. Hydropower project components (turbines, generators, exciters, etc.)

Module 2 – Load-Resource Analysis:  this module describes the analysis required to establish the need for the project power output and include information such as:

  1. Development of power demand (load) and supply (resource) data and information.
  2. Role and definition of imports, exports, reserve requirements, etc.