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Project: T182700 #0431

The project deliverables would be a set of two PowerPoint-based training modules that would be used to demonstrate the concept of preparing training modules on a broad range of key topics related to hydropower projects.  The initial set of two modules could be supplemented in the future with additional modules on other topics of most interest to HOPIG members. 

The proposed two sample modules and their content are described below:

Module 1 – General Features and Role of Hydropower Projects and Systems: this module would describe the general features and types of hydropower projects and systems such as:

  1. Power system operations and the use of hydropower projects in meeting power demands in these various systems.
  2. Types of hydropower projects (run-of-river, storage, pumped storage, etc.)
  3. Hydropower project components (turbines, generators, exciters, etc.)

Module 2 – Load-Resource Analysis:  this module would describe the analysis required to establish the need for the project power output and include information such as:

  1. Development of power demand (load) and supply (resource) data and information.
  2. Role and definition of imports, exports, reserve requirements, etc.