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Project: T192700 #0431B

This project is a continuation of HOPIG project #0431 Hydropower Training.

This second phase included preparation of two additional PowerPoint training modules that can be used by HOPIG members to train employees and others. They are designed to: (1) be easily adaptable to enable training people with different levels of expertise; (2) be customized for use in different organizations; and (3) be easily adaptable for different training timelines.  

The two modules and their content are described below:

Module 3 – Operating Objectives and Principles for Water Management: this module describes: (1) the overall principles and objectives for planning and operating water resource projects, and (2) the primary operating purposes, plans, and coordination processes.

Module 4 – Hydrologic Data:  this module describes the types, uses, sources, and value of hydrologic data required for the planning, operation, and analysis of water resource projects. A second version of this Module 4 is also provided with the meteorology section appearing earlier in the slides for those who prefer the information presented in this order.