Project: T192700 #0433

The overarching objective of the project is to develop numeric analysis tools, customized to the hydropower industry, to answer a variety of specific questions based on streamflow time series. Questions are detailed below in the Scope section. The tools to be added to the toolkit shall:

  • Be coded in a freely available, consistent, and commonly used language. Packaged with necessary libraries (Github or equivalent).
  • Allow practitioners to run the script (tools) on additional streamflow time series of interest
  • Be functional on streamflow of different lengths (time-step and period of reference) and different shape (i.e., snowmelt driven or not, regulated or not, etc.,)
  • Come with a documented set of instructions (user manual), complete with discussion on assumptions, limitations, references for further reading and guidance on how results can be communicated (display analysis/visualization) to stakeholders, staff and executives
  • Be expandable to answer additional questions at a later time
  • Be demonstrated (at least once) for each application using data provided by members
  • Form the basis for a facilitated climate adaptation brainstorming session at a CCORA Working Group meeting. Facilitation would include a review of project findings and deliverables and provide guidance on using the toolkit to help support climate change adaptation