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Project: T122700 #0536

This report provides the essential information and resources required to implement EV charge infrastructure. The report touches various topics, e.g., different power requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 AC chargers, DC Fast Charging Equipment, EV Technology, Canadian legislative codes and standards, and site planning of residential, commercial and public charging. CEATI International’s goal for this project was to prepare an infrastructure installation guideline to be distributed as an online resource to aid in the proper deployment of EV charge infrastructure and further advance the electrification of transportation.

The audience targeted in this report ranges from civic and campus planners, facility engineers, architects, developers, operations personnel, and large building owners to individual or fleet EV consumers and charge infrastructure users. Safety issues, disability requirements and station ownership topics have also been touched upon. An overview of the key cost factors for the installation of EV charge infrastructure and the lessons learned have also been provided in the guideline. The objective of the Canadian EV Charge Infrastructure Deployment Guideline is to educate the reader on installation considerations and provide the necessary information and resources to properly implement EV charge infrastructure.