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Project: T112700 #0537

A technical and market assessment of fifteen different emerging technologies that are relevant to utility-scale electric power generation was undertaken to help the sponsors of the report keep abreast of the latest advances. The report was based on publically available data, in-house knowledge and expertise and, when required, targeted interviews with stakeholders. While the overall emphasis of the study was the North American market, when relevant, global developments were also discussed. The technologies reviewed mainly encompassed mature or emerging renewable technologies but a number of conventional technologies were also included. Onshore wind, solar PV, thermal and CSP, utility-scale storage, and biomass were reviewed in detail. A medium level of effort was dedicated to marine, gas/electric gensets, enhanced geothermal, wave and tidal stream, river hydrokinetic, and small hydro. Finally, hydrogen, fuel cells, and nuclear and novel Stirling engines were only briefly reviewed and reported at a high level. Technical reviews included background, progress to date, and foreseeable developments. Market reviews covered current status and trends including cost estimates over the 2020 and 2035 horizons. The reviews were complemented by brief discussions on policy issues and environmental attributes. Findings were compiled in summary tables by technology and by topic, the latter being designed to help cross-technology comparisons.

Keywords: Emerging Technologies, Technical Assessment, Market, R&D, Policy, Environment, Renewable Energy, Wind, Solar, PV, CSP, Solar Thermal, Storage, Battery, Biomass, Gas Electric, Geothermal, Enhanced Geothermal, Marine, Wave, Tidal, Hydrokinetic, Small Hydro, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, Nuclear, Stirling, CAPEX, OPEX, Cost of energy, Levelized Cost of Energy, Cost.