Project: T162700 #0541-2

The purpose of the Phase II model remains the same as for the Phase I model: to assess the economics of different microgrids to support infrastructure investment decisions. Navigant will develop a Model that can be used to support microgrid project concept evaluation by identifying optimal resources and dispatch strategies and assessing key parameters and their dependence on particular resources and system configurations. A successful Model design can help users to quickly evaluate a variety of potential options to narrow strategy and design approaches before investing significant resources in more detailed technical and commercial design.

This model will build upon the Phase I Microsoft Excel-based economic optimization Model to enhance the precision of key economic outputs for a given modeling scenario. Specifically, the Phase II Model will determine annual revenue and variable operating expense based upon 8760 hourly interval dispatch of microgrid-included DER resources, rather than high-level assumptions. Accordingly, the Phase 1 Model will be updated to replace high-level assumed inputs with outputs from the Phase 2 module.