Project: T182700 #0546

This project will develop case studies and identify the experiences of utilities with commercial demonstration energy storage projects greater than 1 MW on the utility side of the meter used for specific uses to include cases where energy storage is used for frequency regulation, firming in managing the intermittency of renewable generation, demand-side management, capacity, transmission and distribution asset delay or deferral, etc. as well as stacking of these uses. Reference specifications and procurement documents will also be developed.

Reference specifications and procurement documentation will be developed through the review of available literature, surveys, analysis and case studies of utility experiences with energy storage systems. Best practices will also be summarized and highlighted in accordance with the reviewed industry experience. The proposal will identify consultation options with sources such as DOE Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), Canadian laboratories (such as NRC and NRCan), and EPRI ESIC (Energy Storage Integration Council).