Project: T192700 #0549

Determine which needs/challenges energy storage can address and which electricity markets energy storage can participate it, this will be done through a literature survey, and discussions with utilities/grid operators.

Develop a methodology and user friendly model in a spreadsheet to optimize the size and monetary value of energy storage for all benefits identified, including value stacking of the different use cases as possible, and ensuring use cases are not double counted if they overlap/be provided at the same time (e.g. in Ontario, a system cannot provide demand response services and global adjustment abatement services simultaneously).

Sensitivity analysis assessing the incremental benefits of additional energy capacity based on the use case.  

Assessment of the controls software and dispatching strategies required to maximize the economic benefits of energy storage while considering technical limitations (e.g. charging time, resting time if required, maximum discharge rate, etc.)

Communicate the study findings, insights and conclusions in the format of a comprehensive report, user-friendly spreadsheets for both economic and technical assessment, a technical briefing, a slide-deck, and a webinar presentation for the benefit of CEATI and its members.