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Project: T002700 #0601

The IEA Clean Coal Centre provides a source of unbiased information on sustainable use of coal world-wide. Services are delivered to governments and industry through direct advice, review reports, facilitation of R&D and provision of networks.

SOIG offers its participants the opportunity to join the program.

Project: T182700 #0601

The purpose of this project is to provide the sponsoring organizations with a guideline forimplementation of a risk management framework to enable asset management of hydrogeneration assets. The guideline will meet the requirements of ISO 55000 and ISO 31000, andwill consider additional requirements from IAM, and IIMM. The framework will consider workcompleted by leading member utilities. The generation risk management framework willconsider the software requirements to allow implementation into investment managementsoftware such as C55, and work management software such as SAP or Maximo.