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Project: T173700 #30/102B

This project, CEATI SEAM 30/102B: “Evaluating the Advanced Substation Monitoring Capabilities of Digital Protective Relays, Fault Recorders, Power Quality Monitors and PMU Equipment – Phase II”, is a follow up work of the previous project, CEATI SEAM 30/102A, that EnerNex completed in 2016. The Phase I project included: 1) description of advanced substation monitoring applications, 2) summary of applicable standards, and 3) capabilities of advanced substation monitors. This Phase II project includes 4) example disturbance record waveforms and 5) data analysis software packages.

The primary objectives of this project are to identify example monitor recording events, charts, and displays in order to illustrate the capabilities of substation monitoring software packages. The focus is to show a range of analysis capabilities.


Protective relay, Digital fault recorder, Power quality monitor, Phasor measurement unit, Fault locating, Blackout prevention, Voltage sags, Harmonics, Flicker, Mho diagrams, Cumulative probability, Power quality statistics, Interharmonics, Supraharmonics