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Project: T183700 #30/105

This project consisted of a state of art review of on-line monitoring equipment for outdoor substation apparatus that will be useful for implementation of equipment on-line monitoring by utility field personnel and their vendors. The project scope included a literature review of available technical and field application information to establish a basis from which to work with regards to this investigation.

Service experience was obtained by undertaking a technical survey of utilities presently employing on-line monitoring.

Specific technical product details were collected from various manufacturers/suppliers, technical and marketing literature, websites, etc.

The project investigation included a reference summary identifying substation monitoring equipment currently available and being developed. This will include information about the equipment’s:

  • Functionality
  • Application
  • Advantages/disadvantages
  • Actual field applications
  • Effectiveness
  • Utility experiences


Online Monitoring, Advanced Pattern Recognition, APR, Data Historian, Remaining Useful Life, RUL, Trending, Substation Predictive Maintenance, Substation Monitoring