Project: T173700 #30/116

The intent would be to develop a high level guide to assist utility companies in planning or reviewing their risk management policies and procedures for Stations, Station Equipment and Apparatus. The guide would identify the issues, discuss the possible impact and ways to prevent this if possible and cost effective and how to mitigate the problem should it occur. Each company can then review the list of items and decide which ones they would like to implement and which they would take the risk on.

The intent of the project is to develop a useful guideline for risk management particularly for risk management of station equipment and apparatus to address various challenges and uncertainties that utilities are facing. The project should identify areas where significant improvements in station risk management that have not been previously recognized by utilities and shared in the industry.

Options: There is an option to easily include the HVDC stations and equipment. There are some 6 new HVDC schemes in Canada recently in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, and two in Alberta and they may be interested in the associated risks and their management. Other items such as SVC’s, statcoms and synchronous condensers could also be added if desired.